That Perfect Combination of Grace and Grime

If our second quarter's postcard set doesn't have you feeling transported out west, we're not sure what will. Lauren Summers is our featured artist through June and we could not be more excited to share her talent with you.

Lauren is a photographer and graphic designer based out of Indiana. Fun fact: not only has Lauren shared her photography with us, but she is also the designer behind The Postcard Club's logos and branding. 

We had the opportunity to ask Lauren a few questions about her work. Here is what she said: 


TPC: When did you first become interested in photography? What made you fall in love with it?

LS: I took a class my freshman year of college with a used Canon Rebel I bought on ebay and that’s what set it off for me. I loved that having a camera in-hand made me look for interesting shots and details, things that I would have overlooked otherwise. I loved, and still love, that a camera lets you stop time, lets you freeze a moment. 


TPC: Do you have a favorite subject or theme you like to capture in your photos?

LS: I love finding the beauty in the grit, so if you take a quick glance at my portfolio, you’ll see that horses and cowboys are a common theme – it’s a great place to find that perfect combination of grace and grime.


TPC: What advice do you have for someone interested in getting into photography?


LS: Three things:

1. Don’t quit your day job (at least not right away anyway).

2. Take a course in film photography. Digital is easy – anyone can pick up a nice camera with an expensive lens and point it, but learning how to take a good photo with a film camera, when every single setting is manually set by you, takes practice and skill.

3. Learn how to edit well. The way you post-process can make or break an image.


If you are new to The Postcard Club, this is the quarter to sign up! Lauren's timeless photos make the perfect postcards to send inspiration and love to your friends and family. 

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