Welcome to The Postcard Club

“Everyone” loves to receive mail. We created a way to make it easy and fun to send kind notes by snail mail. 

Welcome to The Postcard Club.

Sending a postcard is a simple, yet thoughtful gesture. We believe there should be more love and thoughtfulness going around, especially now.

If you are excited about helping us spread delight into the world, we ask for 3 things. 

  1. Join the club. 
  2. Take a picture as you write and send your notes. 
  3. Follow along and reach out to us online, we especially want to highlight you as an early adopter. 

 Join The Club and Send Kind Notes

Signing off for now.

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Nell Chronister

I just ordered a pack of postcards and am SO excited to send them out! This is an incredible idea, and motivates me to send letters out, as I keep saying I’m going to.

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