Sending Inspiration and Love with Rachel Roe

We are proud to kick off 2021 with Rachel Roe. This quarter’s postcards feature four gorgeous paintings by this Missouri artist. Rachel works out of an art studio that her husband lovingly built in their backyard in St. Louis. We are thrilled to partner with Rachel and share her art with you and your loved ones. 

We were able to ask Rachel a few questions to learn more about her and her work. Below are her responses: 

TPC: When did you start painting? What made you fall in love with it?

RR: I didn’t get serious about painting until college. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mizzou. With that degree, they introduce you to various media and disciplines. I fell in love with my painting class. That 3-hour studio class was never long enough for me. I would paint on the floor in my college apartment. Then, eventually, on an easel in the living room of my first home. Now, I paint in my backyard art studio my husband built for me.

TPC: What is your favorite stage in the painting process?

RR: There’s always a part of the process when I hate it. I question everything and feel like giving up. However, the next stage is my favorite. It’s when I figure out the small adjustments that change the entire piece and then fall back in love.

TPC: Do you have a specific color you love to paint with? Or a specific subject you like to paint?

RR: There are certain subjects that are easy for me to paint: flowers and birds, for example. But then there are subjects that I love, but don’t come as easily. Portraits and abstracts are two of my favorite subjects but also two of the hardest subjects for me to pull off.

TPC: What advice do you have for someone who is interested in getting into painting?

RR: Study the masters. Study their brushstrokes. What type of paintbrush do you think they’re using? What stands out about their color palette or composition? Take notes of the things that inspire you and incorporate those notes into your own work.

TPC: What inspired you to collaborate with The Postcard Club?

RR: What’s so cool about art is that it’s not restricted to a certain place. It can be in a museum, on the side of a building, or on a postcard you receive in the mail. I wanted to collaborate with The Postcard Club because they’ve curated the perfect approach to send art (inspiration) and handwritten notes (love) in the mail to your loved ones!

If you are new to The Postcard Club, this is the quarter to sign up! Rachel Roe’s one-of-a-kind paintings make the perfect postcards to send inspiration and love to your friends and family. Welcome to the Club! 

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