Meet This Quarter's Artist - Adrienne Luther

This quarter we are featuring Midwest artist, graphic designer, illustrator, and lettering professional, Adrienne Luther. She calls Columbia, MO home and is no stranger to art. "My mother is also an artist and growing up I was always emulating her style, which is heavily influenced by folk art and tribal prints. She would teach lessons at our home and I would join in," she recalls. 

Adrienne started her career at the young age of 12, "I started making aprons and decorating them with simple geometric patterns. I’d sell them at a local shop in Jefferson City and that’s when I realized I could profit from being creative – the start of my journey."


Over the year's Adrienne has developed a favoritism for paint and illustration. "When I am trying to relax, I often depict women in calm settings in my pieces. I do this as a practice to help myself find some peace when I’m feeling stressed and manifest myself in settings that would make me feel nice, too. It’s also a nice cool down after doing art for other clients all day. I really enjoy simple patterns, as well, and coming from a background of graphic design, I am drawn to simplicity."

Something we appreciate most about Adrienne's work is that she draws her inspiration from the local community. She's specifically inspired by Columbia's MKT trails "as well as music, nostalgia, and the community." She continued, "I believe that community comes first, always. When you can bring art into your communal space, whether it is your neighborhood or town, you are brightening the lives of many and creating culture within your area. I am drawn to murals in that sense because they create conversation when otherwise some city blocks may not have that "'energy.'"

When asked about her favorite project, Adrienne explained that several come to mind. "I recently completed a rainbow mural at Tropical Liqueurs on Broadway in Columbia and it was such a beautiful day and the music I was playing was hitting just right, the whole experience was a delight. Painting murals is where I find my greatest joy."

We wanted to take advantage of Adrienne's expertise and hear the advice she'd give someone who wants to start their own art journey. "If you’re considering pursuing art, I recommend following creators that empower you, not ones that give you imposter syndrome. The best thing I did for my mental health was curate my Instagram so that I would only see other creators that were kind and recognized that it wasn’t alllll a competition. Posting often and collaborating with others was integral to the start of my career, as well."


If you're interested in learning more about Adrienne and her impressive work, check out her portfolio and recent work. Here you'll also find her graphic design services such as logos for entrepreneurs and small businesses as well as original illustrations and digital portraits.

Head over to our Instagram and Twitter where you can see Adrienne's work shine. 



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