An Origin Story: from Emma

I had two goals for the year - print my photos and send more mail. 

After a five-month check-in with myself, I realized I’ve done none of one and very little of the other. Clayton, on the other hand, is a pro at handwritten letters. His cursive may be hard to read, but he gets the intention executed (gets the letter out the door). I’m the wannabe. I have good intentions but never have a stamp to complete the process. 

Lately, I’ve been able to re-group on my yearly goals and take advantage of long-walk chats and brainstorms. 

We realized a highlight while being home is the mid-day walk down the driveway to the mailbox. With no expectation of what’s inside, each day is a treat to pull out the contents. Of course, sometimes it’s nothing but bills, but other times, we’ve hit the jackpot; a letter, a card, or a note from a friend! 

Each time we receive a note, it is motivation to write back and brighten these darker days with some joy. 

From there, mixed with Clayton’s motivation, brainpower and weekend work ethic, The Postcard Club was born. 

The purpose behind this project is to encourage people of all ages to put pen to paper and send a quick handwritten note to family and friends.

I realized how connected mail can make us feel. It’s a deeper ‘I'm thinking about you’ than a text message, email or DM on Instagram can provide. 

We created a brand that felt classic but modern. Snail mail is a familiar art we can all experience in the current times. 

With ideas in mind and no weekend travels, we got to work. We spent time choosing what photos to print (more on that to follow) and how to make a package fit together. It felt good to fulfill my goal of printing photos. I’m so used to seeing my photos digitally and scrolling through them so it was such a thrill to hold a stack of printed postcards with my very own photographs on them! 

The concept for The Postcard Club is simple.

To join The Postcard Club you subscribe to receive a package of four beautiful postcards and four stamps at the beginning of each quarter. From there, it’s up to you. You decide who to send them to and when they should go out!

Each quarter we will be releasing new postcard designs, illustrations, paintings, or photography. Our hope is to showcase various artists across the country (globe?!) on the postcards. A fun way to connect through the art of mail. 

We also wanted to include a ‘kids pack.’ The Young Creator’s Kit is designed to interest kids (big or small) who favor graphics or illustrations over photography. Both Clayton and I have young nieces and nephews in our lives and we hope they too get to experience the delight of receiving handwritten correspondence (other than Amazon packages) in their mailbox. Or better yet, are eager to receive a pack to write and send themselves. 

Connection in any manner is essential and The Postcard Club is our way of providing that outlet.

Join the Club today!

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