7 Reasons to Send a Postcard Instead of a Text

The first postcard was sent 181 years ago, in 1840, by known practical jokester, Theodore Hook (BBC). On the postcard was a hand-painted caricature of postal workers and it was addressed to, wait for it… himself. (Fun fact: Hook’s postcard sold for £31,750 in 2002). 

Postcards grew in popularity from there, peaking at 7 billion postcards sent worldwide in 1905 (Metro Postcard). Keep in mind the world population at that time was only 1.6 billion (UN)! While postcards may not be the pinnacle of communication technology anymore, they remain a timeless and meaningful way to connect with your loved ones. 

Here are 7 reasons to send a postcard instead of a text: 

  1. Surprise and Delight

58% of the mail American households receive is marketing mail (USPS). We have all become accustomed to expect more mail from businesses and nonprofits than from our loved ones. Be the non-conformist in your family or friend group and surprise them with a gorgeous postcard! 

  1. Cut Through the Noise

People are spending 13 hours on average in front of a screen daily now (United HealthCare). Take a break from your phone and laptop to sit down and write a few happy messages to your loved ones. They will thank you for the chance to step away from their screens, too! 

  1. Share the Love

Who doesn’t want to spread a little love in this world? Your friends and family will feel so loved receiving your postcard in the mail. The fact that you stopped to think about them and drop them a line will mean so much more than a text. 

  1. Support USPS

Established in 1775, the United States Postal Service is one of our oldest institutions. In 2020, the USPS reported significant financial struggles due to recent policy changes (CNN). The Postcard Club purchases its stamps and ships its postcards through USPS! Join the Club and you will be helping to #saveUSPS. 

  1. You Just Might Get a Response

One of the best things about sending a postcard is that you might get one in return! Whether you and your friends turn into regular pen pals or simply drop each other a note from time to time, you’ll find that receiving a postcard will be just as exciting as sending one. 

  1. Showcase Talented Artists

Each quarter, The Postcard Club will send you four postcards designed in collaboration with a talented artist. We are proud to partner with these creatives and delight in the idea of their art being seen in places far and near. 

  1. Because It’s Fun

Do you need a better reason than that? There’s so much you can do with a postcard: write a message or a riddle, draw a picture or a maze, or even create something they can color! Get creative and have fun with it.

Postcards surprise and delight friends more than texts

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